A few committed friends led by Sitso believed they had received a mandate from God to raise a dynamic and contemporary African based gospel band formed “The RZN” somewhere in 2001, Tema Ghana.

The name RZN represents the acknowledgement of the fact that,

a. Mankind should always find a reason to Thank, Praise and Worship God for His
Goodness unto Him / Her.
b. For every decision taken as Christians and as a people there should be a godly reason backing it. Hence the name RZN.

It urges all to be very particular about reasons for which they make choices since; these reasons could determine the success or other wise of any venture.
In our case, the ultimate reason (RZN) for this ministry is to preach salvation in the Shed Blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ which, to us is relevant to eternal liberation.

RZN ministers through various forms of music genre but with particularly predominant Reggae and Afro music emphasis. It is hereby declared that in compliance with the great commission of the Messiah (Mark 16:15, Matt 28:19-20), the Team has ministered in and around Tema, Accra and in other regions conveying the message of hope and salvation to many.

Regardless of race or creed, RZN by the help of the Holy Ghost brings people to the knowledge and realization of God’s purpose for their lives through Arts and Culture.

The Nimojah Project




NIMOJAH literally meaning “His Blood” in Twi (local Ghanaian language), fully expresses our profound appreciation to the redemptive work of the shed blood of the lamb- Jesus Christ the Righteous.


The NIMOJAH Project is a registered gospel outreach ministry committed to sharing the message of Life, Hope, Forgiveness, Peace, Love in Christ Jesus and effectively influencing today’s society with the principles of God’s Kingdom.


Our philosophy revolves around the following SUEDE Principles:

S- Submission to God always

U- Uniqueness in our Works, Style, Concept, Presentation and Perception

E- Efficiency resulting in productivity

D- Discipline, a sense of self control, good morals and fearlessness

E-Excellence in all we do. Striving for the very best


The following colours represent the most important fundamental pillars in NIMOJAH:

Red- this represents the shed blood of Jesus Christ that continuously strengthens and preserves us. On this, does the Nimojah Project stands

Gold- this represents the wealth of Zion, the dwelling place of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; which happens to be the promised dwelling place for the Righteous

Green- this represents life and its freshness in Christ

Black- this represents the strength and abilities of the African.



In order to ensure effective ministration, the Nimojah Project has been strategically structured into smaller units. Thus, Nimojah Musik, Nimojah Communications, Nimojah Aid and Nimojah Arts.


a.        Nimojah Musik: This is a registered record label that serves as the authority of all music projects, event management, music outreach programs, studio productions, road shows, gigs and tours

Nimojah Musik is the official record label for RZN

b.       Nimojah Communications: This media outlet is responsible for Video productions and Art Work concepts, News paper publications and Articles, Public Relations

c.        Nimojah Aid: The philanthropic unit that seeks to support the needy, awarding scholarships and sponsorships to talented deserving and needy persons in our society without tribal or religious considerations

d.       Nimojah Arts: This unit deals with the Acknowledgement, Educating and the Preservation of our rich-Godly CULTURE as a lovely country on a beautiful Continent “AFRICA”. Using drawings, paintings, Clothing, beads, and carvings amongst other artistic ideas to propagate the African Pride.

Our Job is to encourage all to live that fulfilled lives in Christ as the Good Lord has ordained for all who are called by His Holy name in Christ. Repent and be Baptise, everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins as a people, and we shall receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:38. We are a beautiful people of Dignity, destined to have an abundant life in God through Christ. We will look to God always no matter what, for the power of His Might has shown us the way by Christ Jesus our risen and soon coming King. Flame your faith and Fear not what people fear. God bless you. God loves you, So do we.                              



Mercy Refused 2017!!!

Mercy Refused 2017


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